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Care and Maintenance


Caring for Your Silk Arrangement


Proper placement and cleaning techniques will help keep your silk flower arrangements beautiful longer.  It is our desire that you are able to enjoy your arrangement for a very long time.  These tips will help with that goal.


The placement of your inside arrangement should be away from direct sunlight as much as possible.  The sunlight will fade the colors, and they will not look as vibrant as their original state.  If you have them close to a window, remember to move them around, often.


Clean your silk flowers by using a feather duster.  The feather duster will collect the tiny layers of dust.  Do this every time you dust your furniture.  If the arrangement has a heavier layer of dust, a small paint brush may be used with gentle strokes to protect the flowers.


Other ways to clean the heavier dust is to use a hair dryer on cool to blow away the excess dust or use a can of compressed air.


Every 3 months you should clean your silk flowers with silk flower cleaner.  This will clean the dust as well as give the flowers a protective coating and a boost in color and help return them to their original luster.  Be sure that you allow the flowers to dry thoroughly and allow the cleaner to run off the petals by laying them on their side across the sink to dry.




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